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Dose Assessment

Auxier & Associates (A&A) can assist you in determining if a source of radiation presents a significant measurable dose to humans and/or the environment and any potential health effects. We supply you with the scientific means to accurately assess a given scenario. If you have concerns about the radioactive activity of a future scenario, a dose construction can help you to predict the potential radioactive dose for your specific situation. If you need to assess a historical situation, a dose reconstruction historically recreates radioactive doses that were likely to have been released. Using the data compiled from a dose construction exercise, you can then predict how those releases might have affected its surroundings. A&A’s team of scientists knows how to accurately evaluate doses.

Using a variety of proven methods, A&A is able to provide you with an accurate representation of the kind(s) of doses and the health effects that these doses could incur. A dose construction can provide you with the information necessary to protect individuals, the surrounding environment and your company from potential radiological hazards and future litigation. A dose reconstruction will provide you with a necessary tool to assess a historical situation and what impact it may have had on its surroundings.

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