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Health Physics Program (Radiation Protection Program)

The complex realities of a business’s regulatory and safety requirements must be satisfied by developing in-house programs, plans and procedures. This is especially true for businesses using or handling radiological materials.

The primary objective of a Health Physics Program is to provide a well designed, easy-to-understand program governing facility operations involving radiation. Properly implemented, this program will increase the safety of personnel and members of the general public by avoiding unnecessary exposures to ionizing radiation.

Auxier & Associates (A&A) can move quickly and efficiently to help you establish and maintain a top quality health physics program or upgrade an existing program by performing an assessment or an audit. We have considerable experience with a wide range of radionuclides and radioactive activities. We can provide your organization with the program documentation, procedures, and training that satisfies today's complex and stringent regulations while anticipating tomorrow's changes and challenges. A typical health physics program may include any combination of the following:

   • Health and safety plan
   • Dosimetry monitoring plan
   • Environmental assessment plan
   • Emergency response plan
   • Site survey plan
   • Radiation safety plan
   • Modeling plan
   • Radioactive materials license or amendments
   • Training plan

A&A has extensive practical experience in reviewing, developing, implementing, and managing applied health physics programs for a wide variety of facilities and operations.


Auxier & Associates can design a site-specific health physics program for your particular situation. While emphasizing safety, we will review your current health physics program for technical adequacy and regulatory compliance. From this review, our staff can design the health physics program which is best for your organization. We will provide the necessary procedures and training to assure that your program is implemented in a manner that provides the appropriate level of radiation protection and satisfies all applicable regulatory requirements. It is our objective that once your health physics program is developed, all employees will be effectively instructed in its implementation. A&A will conduct training courses on how to keep the new program up and running effectively.

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