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Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)

The acronym “NORM” stands for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material. NORM is commonly encountered in a variety of industries including oil and gas production, water treatment, and mineral mining.

Auxier & Associates provides technical services to multiple clients on a variety of issues relating to the nature and extent of NORM contamination. Specific activities include:

   • Review of site operating history and existing radiological data
   • Conducting surveys to determine levels of direct radiation and       concentrations in soil, water, air, etc.
   • Identification of potential exposure pathways and scenarios
   • Evaluation of radiological conditions for compliance with       applicable standards and guidance
   • Recommending appropriate response actions
   • Planning and management of site remediation
   • Performance of post-remedial action surveys
   • Assessment of past, present, and future potential radiation       doses
   • Presenting expert testimony in regulatory forums

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