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Data Assessment, Validation and Evaluation

Auxier utilizes the MARLAP performance-based approach for data assessment.

Auxier personnel possess decades of experience in radioanalytical data verification, validation and data assessment.  To expedite the process, Auxier has developed a verification and validation database that allows automated comparison of data to Measurement Quality Objectives (MQOs), and 100% result recalculation capability.  Auxier’s data management system is designed to track, retain and maintain the integrity of client data for the duration of the project and beyond.

The goal of data collection is to produce credible and cost-effective data to meet the needs of a particular project.  Decision makers rely on data that are of known quality, and data that are appropriate for the intended use.   This approach emphasizes the importance of integrating the three phases of the data life cycle; planning, implementation, and data assessment. 

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The performance-based approach is optimized by clearly defining the analytical data needs and requirements of a project in terms of measurable goals during the planning phase of a project.  These needs are translated into quantitative and/or qualitative MQOs, and Analytical Project Specifications (APSs). The MQOs and APSs serve as ongoing measurement performance criteria for monitoring laboratory performance during the implementation phase of a project.  The MQOs and APSs are then subsequently used as criteria for evaluating analytical data during the assessment phase which includes data verification, data validation, and data quality assessment.
Auxier & Associates | Health, Safety and Environmental Consulting