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Dose and Risk Assessments

Auxier scientifically investigates sources of radiation and potential impacts on human health and/or the environment.

Dose assessments focus on past, and potential future, exposures in specific scenarios. Using data compiled from a dose construction exercise, estimations can be made concerning effects on humans and the environment potentially affected.

Risk assessments focus on potential current and future exposures in specific scenarios. Using data compiled from a risk assessment exercise, a numerical probability of cancer induction in a potentially impacted population can be determined. Auxier’s team of scientists excels in accurately evaluating radiological doses and risks.

Under several circumstances, dose and/or risk assessments are necessary and desirable. Some examples are:

  • When radioactive materials are found in unwanted places, such as building surfaces or environmental media,
  • When an individual or population is suspected of having an unanticipated internal or external exposure to radioactive materials, and
  • When planning for potential future scenarios, such as a company adding a new activity, product line, or service that involves the use of radioactive materials.
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